Monday, 1 July 2013

Avebury: All in a Year’s Work

Avebury and the National Trust,

For ever, for everyone is a must.

Look at all the tasks we do,

Some of them may surprise you.

In the car park, help find a gap,

Sell a ticket, offer a map.

“What’s there to see? We have time to kill.”

A common question, “What’s Silbury Hill?”

In the Museum there are tickets to sell,

Guide books, maps and tours as well.

This is the place for directions too.

The first question often is “Where’s the loo?!”

Down to the farmyard, and into the Barn,

Everyone enjoys a really good yarn.

Family activities, bug hunts and trails,

Gather the kids for poems and tales.

In the Stables, directions they need.

Hunger for knowledge we love to feed,

Explain the objects in their cases.

Brighten their day, bring smiles to their faces.

Tours of the stone circles take an hour,

Surrounded by the bank, the height does tower.

Tales of destruction, masonry they pillage,

Used to construct buildings of the village.

During the summer season, on the garden gate,

We sit and admire flowers while we wait,

To greet the visitors to the Manor Reborn,

Through the gate and across the lawn.

Within the Manor, tales we tell,

Of Keiller and Jenner, Dunch as well.

Tours, room guides or conservation clean.

Decorate for Christmas, we’re all extra keen.

In the Tea Room and café, dishes to take,

Back to the kitchen, cakes to bake.

Laying the tables, posh china looks nice,

Cut the cake, mine’s a large slice!

In the garden, pulling weeds,

Taking cuttings and sewing seeds.

Topiary trimmed, then the yew hedge,

Mow the lawns and harvest the veg.

Come wind, rain or shine, we show the way,

Ensuring visitors enjoy their day.

All this work needs blood, sweat and tears.

And all freely given by our volunteers.

So if you have enjoyed this little rhyme,

And you could spare some regular time,

Please come and see us, email or phone,

Our staff cannot do it all on their own!

A poem by Michele

Curatorial and House Assistant

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