Monday, 9 July 2012

The Manor Reborn - Siân Evans

This book is a fascinating and detailed insight into the transformation and restoration of Avebury Manor in Wiltshire. A project which was undertaken in just six months by the BBC.

From an empty shell, this nostalgic country house has been converted into a spendid, themed English Manor. The book comprehensively illustrates how each of the nine rooms selected where transformed by craftsmen and volunteers to reflect periods in the Manor’s history: Tudor, Georgian, Queen Anne, Edwardian and 20th century styles, all of which were thoroughly researched by the BBC using the Manor’s archives as well as researching fashions, décor and furnishings faithful to those periods. It also gives a clear indication of what life would have been like at the Manor during those times, from staff to Lord of the Manor.

The book also reflects on the once neglected and overgrown Victorian, walled, kitchen garden, which has been lovingly restored, mostly by volunteers.

About the Author

Cultural historian Siân Evans worked for the National Trust for many years as Senior Press Officer and before that at the Victoria & Albert Museum and Design Museum. Siân has written several books, one in particular you may be interested in is ‘Ghosts - Mysterious Tales from The National Trust’. It's well worth a look, as it is an excellent guide to the most haunted of the National Trust's properties.

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